Exhibition Evoluon Eindhoven Museum Vakdagen

The fourth edition of the Museum Vakdagen, the professional trade fair for the Dutch and Flemish museum industry, will be organized on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2019.
The Museum Vakdagen is again held in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. The Evoluon is a retro-futuristic design by Louis Kalff and Leo de Bever, which was built as a Philips museum. A highly appreciated location by the Museum Vakdagen visitor.
More than 80 exhibitors present themselves during the Museum Vakdagen. Discover the latest possibilities and solutions, be informed and inspired by one of the many experts and discover which innovations can be of significance for your museum or institution!
The common thread during the Museum Vakdagen is knowledge transfer, which is why there is an interactive and educational congress linked to the Museum Vakdagen. During the conference there will be a response to current events in the museum world. The central theme of the congress during the fourth edition of the Museum Vakdagen will be announced in January.
During a visit to the Museum Vakdagen, let yourself be inspired, informed and discover the newest possibilities for your Museum.
Make a note in your agenda! Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2019.
You are welcome.