Artist statement

“Without movement there is no Life…

We should use our energy to the fullest.” 

                                                                      – Ai Qing-

Artist statement

Where I have been using clean lines and sharpness for over 30 years to give my business assignments and portraits the most authentic and creative possible interpretation, my photographic art is created by using fluid movements. My works are characterized by the unique style of photography, in which movement expresses the energies and emotions. My art is inspired by an impassioned life and the balance everyone tries to find within.


A Journey Through Art to Rediscover Life’s Beauty and Transcendence:

In the chaos of everyday life, we often find ourselves swept away by distractions, forgetting the important moments, and losing sight of the beauty that truly defines our existence. As we become engrossed in the whirlwind of banal tasks and obligations, we risk overlooking moments that move our souls and evoke profound emotions.

Loek van Walsem, a talented visual artist from the Netherlands, shares a unique artistic vision that stems from his deep understanding of this very human dilemma. Through his unique art pieces, he endeavors to contribute to the world’s beauty by prompting us to pause, reflect, and concentrate on those aspects of life that have the power to touch and move us in unimaginable ways.

His artwork serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and refocus our attention on the meaningful moments that might otherwise pass by unnoticed amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Loek’s passion for capturing the essence of life’s truth elevates his work to a transcendent realm, where emotion and intellect intertwine to create an extraordinary experience for the viewer.

Inspired by those precious moments that constitute the essence of our lives, Loek’s art invites you to embark on a journey of inner exploration and self-discovery. By offering a respite from the trivialities of life, he lets you reflect upon your own existence and your connection to the world around you.


Daily Influenced by all chaos that happens all around and to us, it is through my art I strive to contribute to beauty, by making you stand still and contemplate that one aspect of life that touches and moves. Perhaps even reveals its thruth!

Work by Loek van Walsem

As a photographer and artist, Loek’s work has garnered recognition and accolades. He has participated in various well-known exhibitions like the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam and has been featured in galleries and art platforms worldwide. His photographic artistry is celebrated for its ability to use fluid movements that characterize a unique style of photography, in which the movement expresses the energies and emotions and presents them with a unique perspective and artistic vision.